A legal second passport, a necessary option in today’s world

A legal second passport, a necessary option in today’s world

The portal web Second Legal Passport is part of the OPM Corporation’s network, and these days is considered one of the most complete platforms for all those interested in obtaining a second passport and a second residence.

In today’s troubled world, having a second residence, a second citizenship and a second passport is a fundamental tool, because a person can move around more freely and be able to protect their belongings, as well as increase your level of security, as well as that of your family. There are various businesses on Internet that supposedly offer these documents quickly; however, many offer documents that later turn out to be false. To obtain a legal second passport, you have to work within an investment program; this is explained very well in the OPM Corporation website.

The most important section of the Legal Second Passport site is “Programs”. There, the experts who work on the platform compiled all of the programs of countries that offer citizenship by investment. Among those listed appear the options of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Granada, , Panama, Vanuatu and St. Kitts and Nevis. When clicking on these countries, the internauts have access to all of the details about the program, its historical reputation, the amount to invest, in what you must invest your money, the documents you need to present and the waiting time for receiving the second passport.

One of the fundamental assets of a second passport is that it facilitates mobility of people and their families. The passports of the countries that offer the citizenship by investment program allow, as a minimum, the entrance to more than 100 nations without the need of a visa. In the section “Countries without visas’, the internauts can consult an ample data base where you can find, for example, all the places where you can enter without a visa by using a Dominican passport.

How to get information about a legal second passport

To get even more information about the investment programs, the Legal Second Passport portal offers two books: one about the passports and the other about the possible change of identity.

The subjects of second citizenship and second passport continue to arouse doubts, because there is a whole lot of unreliable information on internet. Considering this, the Legal Second Passport portal offers two “Consultation” services. One of these is the online form, where the person can send his doubts, which will be answered in an e-mail. The other service is more complete, although it’s not free: a phone consultation with an expert. This consultation can last for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, for prices that fluctuate between 40 and 120 Euros. During this conversation, completely confidential, the person will have the chance to ask about any subject linked to obtaining a second passport.

The Legal Second Passport portal is available in English, Spanish and Italian and has reached the position as the complete one of its type because of the quality of the published information and the enormous value of the services it offers.

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